Clients’ testimonials

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Clients’ testimonials

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Dear Rona


We will never forget the deep discussions, the strorms, the learning, the laughter and the fun.

We wish to thank you for a interesting and inspiring course you have offered us.

During our time together we discvovered how to control our minds and take charge of thoughts.

In your fantastic way you have delivered inspiring messages,

Encoraging us to step up, find our strengths, and be the best we can.

You showed us the door where we felt there was no way out, and reminded us never to lose faith.

We learned that a belief that is never challenged – could turn into a deadly belief.

Today we know not to fear slow progression, but standing still.

We exercised our preserverence muscle,

and we learned that there are no closed doors, just doors we haven’t tried to open.

Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Rona, you are a dear woman and a fantastic teacher for life.
We do not know for how long we part, but we will not say goodbye before we get a chance to thank you,

for opening your kind heart to each and every one of us, caring and necer missing an opportunity to

to listen, to empathise, to offer support, advice, your perspective, and a kind word.

You have given us your time, your energy and your respect, with endlesss patience.

For that we thank you.

Here in this welcoming room, we have looked into ourselves and arrived at life changing insights,

and many impressive achievements.

We will never forget the deep discussions, the strorms, the learning, the laughter and the fun.

We wish you a lovely summer holiday and see you next year!


Yours with much love

The Psychology of Success 2010 Course Participants



I wish I could have another two Sundays togerther in our group!

I feel though I have been on a journey and now have a much clearer view of my dream and practical realities for the future in Israel.
Our tutor was excellent and I think I can say for both my husband and me that we have all the encouragement we need for an excellent Aliyah.
Thank you Rona and thank you also to the lovely group of people we have shared the journey with.


Lucy Tobias
Relocation Course 2008



What an inspiring and thought provoking course!

It changed my perceptions and attitudes towards life, helped me define my future goals for more fulfulment,

and helped me achieve these goals, one step at a time!

And all this with the assistance of the loveliest of mentors – Dr Rona Hart –

and with the support of our great group.

I warmly recommend this course!


Liana Mizrahi

The Psychology of Success Course 2008



Rona Hart and her course are a treasure to behold.

The amount of information and personal develpment learnt and achieved have changed my attitude entirely about self development.
Rona Hart is all Heart – the reason she is unmissable is because she is cincere and she cares! Taking part in any of Rona’s courses is an enriching and highly recommemnded experience which I personally look forward to repeating!

Simmy More
The Success Formula Course 2009



This is a highly engaging and inspiring course.

Our mentor’s giving was way beyond the call of duty!

This is such an insriring and thought provoking course.

It sharpens your understanding about the importance of our psychology and our thinking.

You have offered us a highly structured and comfortly paced process towards our goals.

I highly recommend this course!


Jonathan Rind

The Psychology of Success Course 2010



It was fun yet thorough and comprehensive

This was an excellent course. I feel that it had really opened my eyes to the realities of Aliyah.
The lectures were inspiring and highly informative, and I feel much more secure
in my knowledge than I was before I took the course.
I had an absolutely fantastic time – it was fun yet thorough and comprehensive.

Thank you so much Rona!


Reeni Birnbaum
Relocation Course 2008



The contents of the course is essential for good life.

It is so immensly important to take the time and review our life in this way, especially with the

professional guidance and the cutting edge tools we got from Rona.

Thank you Rona for the giving us these essential life strategies.


Meira Catz

The Psychology of Success Course 2008



I highly recommend this course for anyone anticipating or contemplating relocation.

Going into issues I had not even considered previously helped me to realistically realise what are my expectations.
Also talking and sharing with others on the course was a valuable experience.
And the food was great.
Thank you,


Chana Hoffman Kenny
Relocation course 2008



It is an excellent course which will prepare new Olim for the unknown.

It helps you think positively about Aliyah and gives you a real insight into the Israeli culture and understanding.
Thank you!


Allan Tobias
Aliyah Course 2008



The course gave me the motivation and the passion to do new things that I was afraid of doing.

It taught me how to think in a different way and I loved every minute of it.


Miki Nathan

The Psychology of Happiness Course 2009



Thanks so much to Rona for an amazing set of sessions -

she is just fab -
her encouragement and positive thinking knows no bound and she’s definitely
an inspiration to me!”


Talya Sieve
Relocation course 2007



For me, the most valuable part of coaching has been the motivation and encouragement I received coupled with achieving the results I wanted in a short period of time.
Coaching has helped me expose my self defeating beliefs and has ebabled me to tap into the idea that I can conquer all things!
I believe in my own personal power and potential now and able to set goals and
achieve them one at a time.
Working with Rona was inspiring; her coaching was practical and always fun.
She challenged my ways of thinking and helped me clarify my true goals.
She helped me draw on resources I never thought were there. She coached me around my writing skills, business plan, communication and time management strategies to maximum effect, and I have improved my communication and listening skills through her coaching.
All in all Rona has a remarkable ability to bring out the best in people.


Mike Machine



The course has given me a lot of food for thought and much strengths!

Thank you soooo much!


Etti Laurence

The Psychology of Success Course 2008



A really worthwhile course!

It made us think about our expectations and be realistic. It prepared us for the obstacles and challenges.
We had the opportunity to discuss our experiences with other people in a similar position.
I learned so much about integration in Israel.
I highly recommend the course to anyone considering or planning Aliyah


Yvonne Greene
Relocation course 2007



The course has enriched my knowledge and insights about life.

I loved and enjoyed the sessions, the atmosphere was great, and Rona’s knowledge and kindness was

inspiring and has taken me to new places!


Shosh Abras

The Psychology of Happiness Course 2010



Thank you Rona for the coaching programme you created for me.
I was impressed at how quickly you identified the key things that would make a difference to me and ultimately help me achieve my goals.
You were highly professional throughout our coaching relationship but remained supportive and willing to adapt your approach if my goals or timescales changed.
Your programme gave me clarity and focus and the structured approach was exactly what I needed to keep me on track.
I would happily recommend you to others.


Denise Lane



I discovered in this course that I have powers and abilities that I didn’t know I had!

I now know how to use these powers to make myself happier.


Iris Attias

The Psychology of Happiness Course 2009



What a great experience it was to participate in your Aliyah course!

Your presentation and relaxed and practical approach to all aspects of the Aliyah journey without a doubt made us even more encouraged to go for our goal and get to Israel – our true home!!
Your advice on planning and handling the bureacracy, and your email reviews were invaluable to us.
We recommend to anyone wanting to go on Aliyah to take your courses!
Thank you for everything!


Lorraine and Malcolm Stein
Relocation course 2009



Evaluation questionnaires results:



How would you rate the conents of this course or workshop generally (1-10);


  • The psychology of happiness course 2009: 9.5

  • The psychology of success course 2008/2010: 9.5

  • Relocation the challenge of change course 2000-2009: 9.3

  • Managing change effectively workshop: 9.4

  • Time2Live workshop: 9.6

  • Change your thinking change your life workshop: 9.8

  • 7 keys to success workshop: 9.7

  • Wealth psychology and wealth strastegies:  9.8

  • Effective communication:  9.8

  • How would you rate the lecturer / facilitator: 9.7

  • How would you rate the written material: 9.1

  • How would you rate the slide show: 9.2

  • How would your rate your own participation in the course / workshop: 8.7

  • How would you rate your contribution to the course / workshop: 7.5

  • How satisfied are you from the course / workshop in general: 9.6

  • How would you rate your enjoyment? 9.8

  • How would you rate the value you got from the course / workshop: 8.6

  • How would you rate the group and the atmosphere? 9.4

  • Would you recommend this course / workshop to others? 9.8


What did you get from the course? In what way did the course help you progress towards your goals?


  • The course made me change my attitudes to situations and circumstances in my life.

  • The course opened new ways of thinking for me – a window to new life and new me.  During the course I have made small changes – that have made a huge difference in my life. Thank you so much!

  • A new outlook on success and on strategies for success. The understanding that it all works from the inside out…

  • I got a real boost of motivation. It was a great course. Fun and positive. I got something from each and every session

  • The course has given us a strong support system during our initial adaptation to life in London.

  • The course reminded me something that I often tend to forget: how important it is to be positive and to what extent it is all up to us and inside us.

  • The course opened new ways of thinking for me. It helped me face my fears, and set my desired goals. Now I’m working towards them, small steps at a time.

  • The course gave me the ability to get much better results in the same circumstances.

  • Following the course I got much more positive feedback from my colleagues and employees.

  • I gained essential tools to focus on my goals.

  • I now take much more responsibility over my life and my decisions.

  • I had the opportunity to sharpen my ideas, and I got new ideas, inspiration, and feedback from everybody that I shall implement next.

  • I am now more focused. I can make my own decisions now and not let others drag me along.

  • I am making progress – small steps everyday – towards my goals.

  • I tended to just go with the flow. Now I know what I want and I carve my own way.

  • My time management has improved tremendousely.

  • Today I can focus much better on what is important to me.

  • I now listen more to my inner voice.

  • The course helped me check my own goals and plans and finetune them as I go.

  • I got a fantastic mentor to support me as I progress towards my goals.

  • The first and most noticeable change is the improvement in my relationship with my mother in law and the way I handle this relationship.

  • I learn to preservere, even when the going gets tough.  To enjoy every minute of the journey. I already achieved 90% of my goals – and its all thanks to you.

  • I learned how important positive thinking is and how it affects our lives. I learned how to organise my thoughts to support my goals and push me forward.

  • The course was very enlightening in many different areas.

  • The course helped me by helping me breakthrough areas that feared of. I learned to listen to others, accept and forgive.

    I progressed nicely with my pesonal goals. The course helped me believe in myself and in my goals and not to give up. I am so much happier now – and I understand that happiness is something in me.

  • I learned so much… I got the courage to face reality and see where I am and where am I going to.  I never stopped to review me life in this way. I just kept running.  Rona helped me in so many ways, including guidance and support – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • It was an excellent course, and the details and nuances are extremely important. I can see things today that I did not notice before.

  • The course has given me the strength and the self assurance I needed. I learned somerthing new in every session.

  • The course has opened up for me new horizons and new ways of thinking.

  • The course has helped me a lot. The preserverence is worth it, and even when we fall and fail – its not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. I gained positive thinking, I improved my communication, and I am on my way to achieving my goals.

  • This course was an absolute pleasure. I now know myself so much better.

  • The course is excellent – nothing to improve.

  • Thank you for all your caring and support.

  • Rona, thank you so much for everything – the endless investment, the willingness to listen, opening your heart and your home to us, the fascinating contents, the focus, the self awareness – it was a a fantastic gift. Thank you very much and see you in the next course.

  • Your teaching method is great – for every topic you have a live example, which really helps bring it all together. Generally – its such a pleasure to hear you lecture.

  • There is so much to learn from you – your endless investment in us, the preserverence, the belief, and the giving. Thank you so much!

  • You are fantastic – thank you for the patience, the time, the counseling, and the personal touch you have always given us.

  • You are one in a million! I couldn’t possibly thank you enough. I look forward to the next course – gd bless you, I love you.

  • You are such a fantastic facilitator. You have managed to bring together a group of people which have very little in common – and turn them into a supporting and caring group.

  • It was really great. Thank you so much.

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