The Success-Happiness Equation Workshop

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Welcome to the

Success-Happiness Equation




Most people believe that once they become successful, then they’ll be happy.

They believe that only when they achieve certain goals that they set for themselves,

or desires that they wish to have – they will finally experience the joy that comes

from fulfillment and contentment.


But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is flawed!


In reality, the success-happiness formula is actually  backward:

Happiness leads to and fuels our success,

not the other way around!



Given that success and happiness are the basic goals that we all wish to achieve

throughout our lives, this intriguing discovery raises many questions about the logic

and the common sense thinking by which we conduct our lives, such as:

  • What is happiness and what is success?

  • Why is happiness so central to our lives and our wellbeing and how it fuels our success?

  • What is the key to our happiness? Can we control our feelings?

  • How can we become happier?

  • What can we do with all the problems and hurdles that seem to take away our happiness, and is happiness an outcome of life without problems?

  • Where is that junction where happiness and success meet and how can we find it?



In The Happiness-Success Equation workshop Dr Rona Hart, a lecturer and mentor in

Positive Psychology, draws from the vast research on the happiness and success connection,

to bring you some of the most insightful, groundbreaking findings, to address these intriguing questions.

This unique workshop brings you some of the central principles of positive psychology.

It lays out in a simple and structured way the complex relationship between the psychology and the mechanics of success, and our mental wellbeing, and offers you life-changing insights about success and happiness.


But it does not remain on a theoretical level:

this workshop is results-driven.

Thus, it offers you some simple, easy to use tools for increasing happiness and success that have been tried and tested around the globe, with fascinating results.

These tools will enable you to transform your state of mind and your daily routines in a matter of days, and lead you and those around you to new heights of success.


This is a must-attend workshop for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity.

The Happiness-Success Formula isn’t only about how to become happier.

It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive outlook to achieve extraordinary results.

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Meanwhile have a fantastic week!



Dr Rona Hart

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