Time2Energise: Time and Energy Mastery Programme for Executives

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Time and EnergyMastery Programme for Executives



Time is finite and precious – you can’t make more of it,

but you can control how you use it. The way we use our time defines the quality of our lives.

William Penn


We live in a frantic era. The pulse of our lives is swift, instant and insistent. Our hours, days, weeks and years are fragmented into to-do’s and a never ending list of musts.

We walk around with our diaries, to do lists, ipods and blackberries, instant messengers, buzzers, and pop up reminders – all designed to help us manage ourselves and those around us more efficiently, to elevate our performance, and be more productive.

We pride ourselves for our ability to multitask – to skim across a multitude of agendas, tasks and targets, quickly reacting to the demands from our environment. With this constant race to respond to the relentless assault on our minds, our energy and time, there is never enough time to dig deep enough, to reflect and learn and develop, or to consider our own goals and aspirations, and what’s important to us. There is rarely time to have a proper rest, never mind have a good time, and laugh.

When the pressure mounts up, we go into survival mode:  little sleep, eating junk food at our desks, drinking coffee to remain awake, and then winding down with alcohol. During weekends and when at home, we are often exhausted and impatient. Leisure time with family and friends has become just another task on our jam-packed to-do lists.

The term 24/7 depicts a reality in which the day never ends, and where we are always accessible and available to take on more.

We’re maxed out, but inside, we are falling apart.

And, truth to be told,  most of us are sincerely giving our very best just to get by, and we are willing to give up our most precious and finite resource – our time – to meet the demands. The problems is, we have no more time to give….

Starved for time, we assume we have no choice but to do even more; we attempt to cram as much as possible into every hour and every day….


If you can identify with this image – then this programme is for you!

We are here to show you that there is another way….


The Time Famine and the Energy Crisis the two most common problems that affect us today.

They plague our workplace, and spill out into our entire lives. They are clearly connected, with one feeding the other.


In a world where the demands on our lives exceeds our capacity to respond, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of energy depletion and frenzied daily habits and routines.


The outcome is poor performance, unsatisfactory quality of life, dispirited relationships, and unhappiness.



It’s time to take a step back from your hurried life and make some positive changes!


We believe that our day to day performance and our long-term well-being, are dependent on skillful management of our energy reservoirs and our time.

We argue that our time and energy management strategies need to be in sync, in order to meet the relentless demands from us, and our hassled pace of life.


Yet, there are very few programmes, that take account and both aspects.


This executive time and energy mastery course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques, to enable you to manage both your and your team’s energy and time efficiently, and to your best advantage.


The programme is divided into three parts:


Part 1: Energy Management

In this part of the course, we shall discuss the 4 keys of effective energy management:

* The dynamics of our energy – fluctuating between spending and renewal.

* The sources of our energy:

* Physical energy – taking care of our body,

* Cognitive energy – directing our thoughts patterns and attitudes,

* Emotional energy – regulating our own and other people’s emotions,

* Social energy – the power of nurturing relationships,

* Identity coherence energy – aligning our actions with our purpose and calling

* What depletes our energy.

* How to energize – balancing our energy levels.


Part 2: Time Management

In this part, we shall explore the 7 keys of effective time management:

* Goal setting and prioritising.

* Planning: tips for simple and quick planning.

* Delegating responsibilities and tasks.

* Systemic management and organisation

* The rules of efficient performance: how to manage ourselves to accomplish more in less time!

* Performance evaluation and adjustment.

* Identifying and eliminating time wasters: procrastination, indecisiveness, clutter, inability to say ‘no’, email and internet, energy vampires, perfectionism and more.


Part 3: Managing others

In this part, we shall discuss the 4 keys of effective time and energy management of those around you:

* Understanding different energy patterns and time perspectives, and working efficiently with individuals and teams.

* Creating a coordinated system for energy and time management at work.

* Arranging office space to maximise efficiency.

* Creating a positive and engaging emotional tone.



This high-powered course is packed full with practical and easy to implement tools and actions, guaranteed to explode your personal as well as your employees’ productivity, achieve your organisational goals and elevate satisfaction and well-being at work!

You will learn how to take control of your own as well other people’s energy and time, to better synchronize these resources, in order to perform continually at peak state.



What will you gain from the course?

Learn the skills that will allow you to regain control of your energy and time:


* Understand the dynamics of your energy and learn how to assess your and other people’s energy levels at any given point.

* Understand what charges your and your team’s energy what depletes your reservoirs.

* Learn how to manage and refuel your energy reserves as well as help others to rewind and renew their energy.

* Assess your time realistically and find out where your time is going.

* Learn to prioritise your team’s time.

* Learn how to set goals and plan your projects.

* Learn how to organise your environment for maximum efficiency.

* Discover how to balance work, family and leisure time.

* Learn how to delegate responsibilities and tasks.

* Discover the secrets of efficient action.

* Set targets and timelines – and meet them!

* Examine your time wasters and eliminate them.

* Learn how to overcome procrastination.

* Learn how to accomplish more with less energy, effort and stress.

* Learn how to synchronise between your energy and time management strategies to maximise performance.

* Learn how to created a coordinated system for energy and time management for your team.

* Discover how to create a positive and engaging emotional climate at work.

And much, much more!


This powerful programme is the most complete time and energy management training available today. It draws from cutting edge research and interventions in Positive Organisational Psychology, to bring you not only technologies to manage yourself and your staff, but also the most advanced technologies for introducing change, and acquiring new skills.

This course takes you through an effortless, proven, step-by-step system that you can put to use immediately to create a more engaging and productive workplace and experience wellbeing and satisfaction!



It’s Time2Energise!!

Here are the details of this course:


For maximum effectiveness, this course is best conducted as an in-house programme.

Ideal group size: 8 – 40 participants.

Duration: 16 hours in total: 4 sessions X 4 hours, or 8 sessions X 2 hours.

Optional: The workshop can be followed by a 12 week personal support phone-sessions.

Optional: One or two follow-up seminars.

Duration: 3 hours (each)

Cost: £300 (per seminar)

To purchase this workshop for your organisation

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Meanwhile have a fantastic week!


Dr Rona Hart

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